Rsvp dating reviews uk

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Worse than that they are ultra-petty about punctuality and taking breaks.

The work can be monotonous but I guess that's what it's like in a call centre and you're making calls for the same company everyday.

I'm 28 and have had A LOT of jobs whilst trying to be an actor! Most of the work is sales though and it is target based.

I come and go as I please because of auditions and acting jobs and really enjoy meeting all the people that work here. Your other colleagues on the phone, the supervisors and managers are all really nice people. You do get given targets but I have to be honest I have never felt pressurised to sell.

You also get to meet really cool people and the members of my team have become friends. They have an acting agency too if you do not have an agent and they take 0% commission.

One of my friends got a tour through the agency which they were really pleased about!

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