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On the other hand, if Elliott isn’t sharp and he costs the team a loss, it could hurt them in the standings.

The Flyers entered Tuesday with a magic number of three points — that is, the combined total of points they gain and Florida fails to secure — to clinch a playoff berth.

For example, dust shed by comets enters the atmospheres of planets every day, observed as meteor showers that can be traced back to specific parent comets.

One implication of this fact is that the enigmatic methane observed in the Martian atmosphere may arise from meteor showers of cometary material.

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The Flyers began Tuesday with three players over 70 points — Giroux (95), Voracek (82), and Couturier (71) — for the first time since Jeff Carter (84), Mike Richards (80), and Simon Gagne (74) did it in 2008-09. Giroux, Voracek, and Couturier all have set career highs in points. The Phantoms signed winger Carsen Twarynski to an amateur-tryout contract.Luminescence dating has many novel applications because it can utilize the most ubiquitous minerals in the Earth’s crust (quartz and feldspar) to determine the timing of sediment burial or exposure.The technique can be applied to grain sizes from silt to boulder, and to sediments that occur in a wide range of settings, e.g. This issue discusses the latest technical developments of luminescence dating and the key scientific discoveries that it has facilitated over the last few decades. Luminescence dating relies on the fact that mineral grains (crystals) are exposed to sources of natural radiation, which causes charge to be stored in electron traps within the crystal lattice.As will be shown in this issue, the relationships between the organics and the volatile inventories of terrestrial planets are critical.Processes that force comets to interact with other Solar System bodies will be also discussed.

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