Seinfeld kramer sex without dating money but doesnt work

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Elaine: So when they're handing you those cadavers, do you get to choose whether it's a man or a woman? (Elaine tries to cover her face) Sue Ellen: Elaine?

(Sue Ellen Mischke enters with a man) Elaine: Oh my God. Elaine: It's Sue Ellen Mischke, this old braless friend I hate. Sue Ellen: Oh Rick, this is an old, old, friend of mine, Elaine Benes.

Jerry: Kramer's got more muscle, higher protein content.

Jerry: Look, if other people are having some, I'll try you.

(Jerry joins the line) % At Jerry's apartment, George is sitting on couch, watching Jeopardy and playing with a Rubik's cube while Jerry is talking to him.

(Holds lettuce head) Okay, from what I know about you, your brain consists of two parts: the intellect, represented here (Pulls off tiny piece of lettuce), and the part obsessed with sex. You know, just because a person's a smoker, that doesn't mean he's not a human being. Kramer: Jerry, these people aren't just going to let themselves be flicked into the ashbin of society. Kramer: Well you can confine them, you can punish them, you can cram them into the corner, but they're not going away, Jerry.

(She walks away and sees George sitting down reading books) George.

A bunch of people are in the hall, which is filled with smoke. All right, I got room for two, but the only thing I have is in the non-filter section.

Jerry: Now why would a junior high school want to screw with my head?

(Larry the cook comes over) Larry: Take it outside. Jerry: You can make all the laws you want, he's still gonna bother people.

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