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They should be able to tell you relatively quickly if what you’ve done works.

Look, here’s the email address of a trombonist right here: michaelclayville (at) gmail (dot) com.

(The continuous gliss starts around .) Harmonic Glissando A similar technique is the harmonic glissando.

This is where the player quickly moves through the harmonic series. Ask A Trombonist Finally, when you’re done writing your part send it to a trombonist and have them check it out.

There’s no real standard for what keys their valves are pitched in.

For special occasions they can pull the tuning slide out on the valve section and lower the pitch of the valve to E giving them the E harmonic series down chromatically to the B harmonic series.

You need to decide whether your occasion is special enough to ask a trombonist to do this.

If you don’t know anything about the harmonic series take a second to digest that info (particularly the section “Frequencies, Wavelengths…”) I’ll wait here. Octave, fifth, fourth, major third, minor third, flat minor third, etc. The Trombone (It’s An Extendable Tube) Now let’s talk trombones.

You’ll generally be dealing with one of two types: tenor trombones and bass trombones.

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