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I have a right to shop without interference and you people let them just take over your store. Todd Jones, I am concerned and it’s unfortunate that you have chosen to cave to Hogg’s latest bullying tactic of “die-ins”. A loud-mouthed ignoramus like Hogg and his foolish followers should keep their Hogg-wash to themselves.

I never in a million years thought my favorite store would cave to bullying. Hogg and his hateful bunch seem more important then your long time customers I will no longer be shopping at Publix otherwise know as wussies. It’s unfortunate Publix doesn’t have the courage of its convictions. Guns are not the problem and blaming law abiding Americans for the insanity of these kids that shoot their school mates is.

I was there last week and spent 150.00 but today I went to WD. I will not give my money to a store that caves to bullies. So far I have not heard anyone placing blame on the kid shooters, only law abiding Americans that have a constitutional right to protect ourselves. Stand for your values and don’t give into extortion. Crenshaw, I’ve enjoyed shopping at your stores over the years even though lately you’ve started increasing prices.

Your reaction and caving to the left for lying down on the floor in your store to protest your support of a Republican candidate is counter to everything this country represents.

She clearly had a lot on her plate that morning but without a though got all the items together needed for the order and made everything right on the spot.

Flore(Flo)was working that day and I and explained to her my situation.Instead of having them forcibly removed you catered to their civil disobedience and capitulated your freedom of choice to support whom you wanted.For that reason I will no longer shop at your stores.Watching my son scream in such pain completely broke my heart.Running all these tests and giving him a IV just to make him feel a little better.

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