Speed dating icebreaker

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Then, I keep on digging deeper with follow up questions that doesn’t let the boss off the hook but forces him/her to explain their actions and address the consequences.3.Personality Tests Personality tests like MBTI or Belbin are great, non intrusive ice breakers, in which team members get an insight in the personality type and preferred styles of their colleagues.We do encourage you to tick as many people as you want. Once you are there, look around the room and see everyone, the nerves do calm down.What is the harm in growing your current circle of friends or to catch up with someone for an hour over a coffee? One of our two hosts will introduce you to one or two others that have come by themselves. Speed Dating is a great way to make new friends, with both guys and girls.Participants put alot of time and effort into the way they present themselves.Some people come straight from work so you might see a suit or two.Hard Talk One of my favorite and often the most impactful team building activities is HARDtalk in which the leader of the team is exposed to hard hitting questions.The key is the first questions, which needs to be the toughest one, the one that everybody wants to know the answer for and the one that people gossip about. As the audience gasps and holds their breath at the audacity of me to ask the question everybody wants asked but nobody dares to.

We will always have two hosts at our events, one of which will have a minimum of 2 years experience with us.While we cannot guarantee even numbers at every single event, we get it right more times than not.We have a family team with years of experience and a very large database of clients so if someone does pull out at the last minute, we do have ways of correcting it. You will be surprised how quickly each indivdual Speed Date goes, running out of things to say is almost impossible!We do not tolerate aggressive or rude emails / behaviour or client's lying about their age. Alot can happen behind the scenes but with our experience, we can usually pickup on this even before a client ever makes their way to an event.Out of all the thousands of Speed Dating Events we have ever hosted I would say that at about 75% of all events EVERYBODY gets at least one match. We are yet to ever see a girl not receive any ticks!!

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