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General Information For Passengers included a paragraph about hiring deck chairs, rugs, and cushions for ; using the ship’s Radio Telephony & Telegraphy services; that passengers should request their bedroom steward to open and close portholes; and advice against using saltwater for bathing while the ship is in port. agency addresses; general information when onboard; mileage between ports; future sailings; and pages for making notes. The cover of this Canadian Pacific passenger list depicts travelers aboard the 42,500-gross-register-ton Empress of Britain enjoying a passage along the St. CP’s largest liner had departed from Southampton on September, 16, 1931, via Cherbourg bound for Quebec City (the vessel was too tall to get under the bridges to reach Montreal).The image at far left, the back cover of the Roma’s “PASSENGER LIST” from a September 1928 trans-Atlantic crossing, shows a portion of the Manhattan skyline as viewed through a porthole; when the cover is open (near left), the portrait is complete. The booklet is unusually thick with maps; ship (interior and exterior), port, and company office photos; N. As Canadian Pacific was the world’s largest transportation company (the fleet included 24 ships), within this passenger list is information about onward CP Trans-Continental railway service via The Dominion and The Imperial to stations west to Vancouver, CP hotels CP Express Company Travellers Cheques, CP cruises, and CP Trans-Pacific services.Adventure Galley: Three-masted Galley; Length: 124 ft; 285 bm tons; Crew: 150; Armament: 34x12pdr; Castle Yard, Deptford, England; 1695The Adventure Galley was the ship William Kidd set out on in 1696 to capture French and Spanish prizes as an English privateer.Kidd, who ended up being hung as a pirate, is most known for his capture of the Quedah Merchant, laden with expensive textiles, a very rich prize.

Then, usually there were a few pages left blank for making notes, often for commenting on the weather and whom one met and what occurred after that. The modem world of privacy and the bottom line intruded.Some traditional lines hung on longer than others, but by the mid 1970s the passenger list was becoming a dinosaur–along with the trans-Atlantic liner.Some upscale cruise lines continued the tradition for a while, and a few–for example Crystal, Seabourn, and Cunard (on the QE2 World Cruise)–still keep it up today.But I never saw him, because he was seasick during the first round of play and for most of the voyage–a moot point as it turned out because the finals were canceled by Hurricane Daisy. and Lloyd Sabudo would merge under Mussolini into Italia or the Italian Line.Another passenger from that westbound voyage remains a good friend today, 45 years later. The “PASSENGER LIST” for the RMS Queen Mary is from a five-day cruise from New York to Nassau, which departed on November 17, 1965. A “LIST OF PASSENGERS” (First and Second Classes) for Royal Mail Lines’ RMS Alcantara–leaving Southampton and Cherbourg on October 14, 1955 (same day), bound for Vigo, Lisbon, Madeira, Las Palmas, Recife (Pernambuco), Salvador (Bahia), Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires–has a newer ship depicted on the front cover, the RMS Andes.

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