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If you look at it from the corporate perspective, when you work as hard and long as we have and have been blessed with the success that we’ve had, it is only natural to feel that you want to give back.To Khaliq, the company’s social investments are directly related to the communities that have helped Mobilink be the success story that it is today.Basically, a forceful clench and release of the bladder.When the contents of this fluid have been analyzed, it's actually — yes — closer to pee than it is to female ejaculate.We have today 5,000 people who work with us: brilliant, very talented individuals.

Squirting has nothing to do with the intensity of the orgasm.For instance, they help formulate five and ten-year plans.To-date each of the five-year plans have been exceeded another gauge Khaliq uses for their success, combined with the reality that Mobilink is the market leader. We’ve never been to Bangkok or Bombay; our ads are always shot in Pakistan."When you think about it, an orgasm is an involuntary process. I've see it happen all sorts of times — usually when [the male actor] has a really big wiener.Regardless of what happens during sex, orgasms are unconscious and involve relaxing and letting go."Kerner warned me that if I asked people in the adult industry, they'd likely claim otherwise, given that squirting is a moneymaker for them. Once, [an actress] squirted a ton on my set (she was one of the best at that trick) and I immediately stuck my nose in it — not literally — and sniffed. But then I'll have Porno Princesses tell me that they're pissing, and squirt doesn't exist, and it's all BS." Tara Lynn Fox, one of the porn actresses he's worked with, confirmed that gushing, in porn — the extreme version of squirting — is often smoke and mirrors. While shooting a scene for a squirting fetish site, Fox couldn't seem to do it naturally, so (in her words, via email), "the director filled up a bunch of douches with water and had me lay on my back and started filling me up!

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