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But unlike their donuts, the final result is a little bland, forgettable, and watery -- it tastes a little like bodega (or even gas station) brew. Best dish to pair it with: One original glazed donut. The joe served inside the home of the Whopper does not have flame-broiled grill marks, but the one I sampled tasted a little burnt.

Best dish to pair it with: The breakfast Crunchwrap.

I still tasted a little bit of burntness in the aftertaste.

But that was actually OK, as the overall flavor of the coffee itself was ridiculously creamy and sweet... It may not be a traditional morning meal, but why the hell not double down on decadence here?

According to the many, many greeting card-style memes my grandma keeps tagging me in on Facebook, spring has officially sprung.

Which means (at least) two things: the time is nigh for my pink pastel man romper to come out of seasonal retirement, and the iced coffee equinox is upon us.

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