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You told me I had to copy down your list of questions at the top of my letter, and then completely answer each one of them, (especially that one about what my punishment should be); so here goes: I am also supposed to tell you that I understand that if this letter does not properly answer all of the above questions, then I will have two days to rewrite it, and those two days will be added to my two-week restriction.

Also, if you think that the punishment I suggest for myself is too mild, then I will also have to go in your bedroom to take a bare-bottom spanking, before I write you a new punishment letter with a stricter punishment in it. I promise you I will think up a really good punishment the first time!

You said that he got spanked with a big hairbrush, and grounded for a long time, and that “something else” really bad happened to him.

On top of all that, I hear he still has another hairbrush spanking coming!

The truth is, I really didn’t want to talk to the Pastor at first, but then I found that it was easier to talk to him about some things that are hard for a kid to talk to her parents about (I hope you understand).

But what I really understand now is how quickly I could have ended up having sex with Fred.

She was recently caught planning a (highly unauthorized) heavy petting session with Fred, her aspiring boyfriend.When you took my clothes off for my spanking, (after a shameful scene where I at first refused to let mommy take my panties off) you discovered that I had shaved myself bare in a very private place. When I left the house, I went to the Burger Barn to meet Fred.We shared a quick cola and made plans to “accidentally” meet at the movie theater next weekend so we could be together in the dark and kiss and stuff.First of all, you know that I snuck out of the house to meet Fred for a cola after telling you that I did not feel good and wanted to go to bed early.I should have guessed that mommy would be checking in on me to see that I was OK.

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