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One tip that’s helped my rankings a lot is to write compelling introductions that encourage people to take action.

In other words, AVOID content like this: If someone lands on this intro from Google, they’re going to bounce as fast as possible. Instead, get STRAIGHT to the point, like this: Boom.

Anyone landing on that page knows EXACTLY what my piece of content is about.

I also recommend breaking up your content into mini, bite sized chunks.

In fact, my analysis of 1.3 million Google search results discovered that sites with a good bounce rate ranked above sites with a poor bounce rate: See how that works? And the longer searchers stay on your site (known as “Dwell Time“), in general, the higher you’ll rank.

So: HOW do you actually improve your Dwell Time and bounce rate?

Sure, backlinks, keywords and other traditional signals are still important. In fact, Google went on to say that Rank Brain was one of their “top 3” ranking signals: (The other 2 key search engine ranking factors? The question is: How do you optimize your site for Google Rank Brain?

If you already know a subreddit where your target audience hangs out, head directly there. Finally, scan threads for terms that appear again and again.

And as it turns out, this update was a HUGE game changer. Google Rank Brain is Google’s first machine learning algorithm.

In other words, it measures how you interact with the results on the first page: As you can see, the happier you make Google’s users, the higher you’ll rank.

Google Rank Brain wants to see that lots of people are clicking on your site in the search results. Let’s boost it to the top of the page so it’s easier to find”. I have a very cool strategy that you can use to improve your CTR later in this post (SEO strategy #4).

But for now, here’s a quick tip that I recently learned: One of the EASIEST ways to get more clicks is to add numbers to your title and description tag.

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