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Why We left Islam: Former Muslims Speak Out both documents and humanizes the tragedy of those born-Muslims who wish to pursue their conscience.

The stories are vivid and the political implications profound." Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch and NY Times bestselling author of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)" and "The Truth About Muhammad." "Powerfully written and deeply compelling, these accounts of people of conscience who left Islam are rendered all the more poignant by the realization that each one of them, no matter their status or situation, lives under the death sentence mandated by the Prophet Muhammad for apostates from Islam.

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As his welcoming committee awaits his arrival, the young man’s fear and concern is overwhelming.Not only was he rejected by his family, he had no source of income, and could not get a job because he was considered a betrayer.All of his identification papers were taken from him and he could have been arrested again at any time.Hundreds of thousands of ex-Muslims have been killed by Islamic Shariah Courts, their own families, and blood thirsty Muslim mobs. This very well produced dramatic film follows the story of Samir Majan, a young man born and raised a Muslim in the Middle East who attended college in America.After receiving a degree from a university in Chicago, he begins his trip back home to see his family.

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