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She had a total personality transplant from the beginning of the episode vs.

the end, proving that Stanger's intense, dating by immersion method can work for some people.

But of course, it wouldn't be a Stanger show if there weren't a few times where she angrily kicked some members out of the Millionaire's Club — so even the "failed" relationships of the season could conceivably be considered overall positives.

This chef had a brief stint on his own Bravo series, so he was comfortable in front of the camera — until it came time for him to focus on dating instead of on his career.But post-Million Dollar Matchmaker, it looks like Roblé may have a new relationship with model Jayden Robison...or, he's at least making time to meet new people outside of work.It doesn't look like the couple are still together, but even in the course of a TV episode, Ojani was able to admit that he needed to change his attitude in order to successfully date.The Bachelor series' resident waterworks factory of course had a few crying jags while sitting on Stanger's couch, but ultimately, she chose one of the two guys Patti presented.

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