Updating paths is incompatible with switching branche speed dating icebreaker

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But even if youre not, the takeaway from these stories can easily be applied to the private sector: Focus on the impact, the people -- the customers -- and success will follow.More business processes and highly-specialized tasks are being targeted for automation with the goal of making people and companies more efficient.Did you intend to checkout 'origin/MOODLE_25_STABLE' which can not be resolved as commit? is a bad beast because of its learning curve but you'll be addicted to it the same as to Moodle, some day .First: when you clone the repo from somewhere into your PC, it will extract by default the files contained in the ) the branch you want by creating a local branch usually named as the remote one in order to track the remote branch.Following the instructions on Git_for_Administrators (Iḿ working on a new 2.5 install) there seem to be some inaccuracies?When issuing the second to last line it produces the following error: fatal: git checkout: updating paths is incompatible with switching branches.So, anyone able to help with advice here (Iḿ still new to git really), and also contribute towards improving documentation for a HI Stuart.I think it's a great idea to improve that Git documentation for non-developers - I have noticed myself some parts are out of date but haven't wanted to change them since I don't know enough about Git myself, but I will certainly test out the improved text Hopefully some Git experts will come along and offer some advice. In the documentation, this command is being used to update (I think?

updating paths is incompatible with switching branche-45

updating paths is incompatible with switching branche-49

OK, so now Iḿ confused because I didnt think I was switching branches?

Note: The algorithm tries reconstruct a spelling for the new word after generating its pronunciation, and sometimes this spelling isn't quite right.

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Most likely because it hasn't been written yet or simply because it doesn't have multiple branches at all (I didn't look).

When dealing with non core plugins, you really need to use your initiative.

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