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A total of 306 Conservative MPs opposed the motion, prompting shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott to accuse Mrs May of missing an opportunity to start to “right the wrongs” done against the Windrush generation.During our long research for 'Fly With The Stars' we met many former BSAA staff, and in doing so we were told of many more.Alongside her is Betty Wakeham with her husband Jack behind and to her right.The lady third from left in the photo is Peggy Kilpatrick and the gentleman on the far right is her husband (nicknamed 'Pat' or 'Killer' Kilpatrick)!When Arthur realised the aircraft was about to hit the trees, he laid down flat on the cockpit floor.He was momentarily knocked unconscious in the impact and when he came round he found his seat had a tree branch through it! In the photos below, Radio Officer Arthur Milner is on the left and it is believed the gentleman with him is the First Officer, William Robertson.Sid Larkin is seen here working on 'Star Leader' (G-AHEW), the first Avro York in service with BSAA, at Morn Airport on June 28th 1946.This aircraft was written off less than three months later, on September 7th 1946 in an accident at Bathurst.

He is recording the details of the aircraft, crew, dates and times.

UPDATE (Feb 2017) - I have received an email from Ruby Wight to inform me that the Stargirl on the right of the photo above is her grandmother Marian Hale, now known as Janet Wimbush. The cards the girls are holding say "The Air Ball" and the collecting tins appear to be labelled "The Air League of the British Empire" but does anyone know anything about this event, such as where and when it was held and the reason for the different insignia on the hats? In the photo below, June Knight is seated third from the left in the back row, Peggy Palmer is standing in the centre at the back and Joy Hickey is second from right in the front row wearing the tartan blouse.

Ruby had been searching for photos of her grandmother and her search led her to this website! The lady on the right of the bottom row is believed to be Sybil Tortensee.

We also discovered many documents which referred to names of staff which we hadn't been aware of from other sources.

As the research progressed, we decided to add all the names we came across to a list.

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