Who is jemima khan dating now

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The 49-year-old rocker - who was famously married to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain until his death in 1994 - has claimed she spurned the comedian's advances...Russell Brand is letting homeless friends stay at his Los Angeles mansion.The pair have been together for about a year though the relationship appears to have broken down. Russell Brand gave Zayn Malik family planning advice.The One Direction hunk - who is engaged to Perrie Edwards - admits he was stunned when the 39-year-old comedian offered up some birth control tips when he...His wife, writing about her adopted countrys current refugee crises in the Daily Telegraph, echoed her husbands concerns.If Osama bin Laden is guilty, then he must be punished, regardless of the consequences.

Jemima Khan has split from her boyfriend Russell Brand, according to the pair's mutual friend, Naughty Boy.But the evidence against him must be watertight, otherwise the danger is that he may be viewed in Muslim countries simply as a scapegoat for the terrible crimes that have been committed against the American people, she said.Jemima said it took her hours to contact her husband in Pakistan after the attacks in the US, and when she finally did so, he expressed his concern that all Muslims will now be seen as terrorists.In her article, 27-year-old Jemima, who is currently visiting the UK, expressed her belief that military action will almost certainly increase terrorism in the long term and destabilize an already volatile region.As demonstrators took to the streets of Islamabad to protest their government's agreement to let the US use their airspace and intelligence information, Jemima said that Pakistans President Musharraf had been forced to take a decision which either way would propel the country into financial, economic and social turmoil.

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