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Many have begun to see how the spiritual, both light and dark manifests in our perceivable reality. The line has been drawn between those who want to shape the future and those who understand Who shapes the future.

In the middle there is a sea where dead sleepers lie, listening to the siren call, a lullaby of vanity in our matrix.

Trump, the most recognizable name in the world is a pronouncement for the prophetic hour.

A trumpet will soon sound but before that time it is an invitation for those who are asleep. The brash, boastful and arrogant Trump divided the nation talking of his wall.

In May, he became the first sitting President to visit THE wall.

He did something that would forever change world history and do more to accelerate end times events than anything in the last half century. The Jerusalem declaration, against the better judgment of his advisers and world leaders, would never had happened apart from this.

Artificial Intelligence has grown leaps and bounds along with quantum computing. On all fronts, science, entertainment and finance we are poised to see the most rapid and life altering advancements yet to be witnessed.

We have seen the beginning of the rise of what will become the beast currency as predicted in the 1980s Economist magazine.

It’s a good fit for the Trump era, but not perfect.

From Matt Sedensky AP – “It’s almost like one of those horror rides at the amusement park where every time it heads into the next segment it gets worse,” said noted trendspotter Marian Salzman.

Ephesians -17 The year coincidence died (for many) and the strange became normal. The lines between our physical perception and the true reality have become less pronounced.

We find ourselves on the precipice of things which no mind can imagine.

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