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Lifetime movies have been so magnificent lately that I’m worried I’ll jinx it, so obviously I just knocked on three different types of wood, rubbed a lucky rabbit’s foot, and crossed all my fingers and toes.The finger thing made it hard to type, so I took the risk and uncrossed them to give you this review.A creeper shows up with Mike’s Hard Lemonade (how original) at her door, having found her on a website called Honey Daddies. Even more reason to hide your stuffed animals, as if them possibly coming to life and killing you while you sleep wasn’t enough. Emily shows up to save the day but of course Mom smashes her head into a mirror and tries to choke her.Unfortunately Chris Hansen is not on hand to ask Herbert the Pervert (Em’s words) to have a seat, and her dad has to scare him away. She embraces Daniel to deal with things, then walks away to talk to the principal. On top of all this, Cat gets a letter from Brown revoking her acceptance just as Emily gets one accepting her appeal. Mom goes into a big lecture about how she had a miscarriage and her husband left and she doesn’t want Cat to leave her or she’ll kill herself and blah blah blah. Cat calls 911 and the police get there in approximately 10 seconds. Cut to Cat and Emily rooming together at Brown, where Cat Skypes with her institutionalized mother. KP: If I’m not working I’m at school the whole time and even if I’m on a movie, that’ll only be a few weeks so I’ll be back at school.

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Tomorrow I’m going to start filming our next episode, that’ll be fun it’s a really interesting one. KP: Amanda and I are very similar in the ways that I can be an optimist at times and I’m very trusting of people, and she has a very unconditional trust for a lot of people and when it’s broken it takes a lot to break it. You hear of these feuds that go on on different sets, and we’ve never had an argument between people, all of the actors get along so well. KP: I’ve been saving up for awhile, and as I said, I’ve been acting for awhile, so my car-- it was actually secondhand but it was in beautiful condition, I sort of thought to myself, it’s such a nice car and I’m getting it for such a good value. When you go to a movie set you can’t be sick—there are no such things as sick days—if your car breaks down, that is absolutely no excuse at all…Cue later that night when Cat sees on her Buddyme page that someone has used her account to post a bragging status about getting into Brown using the very same Abe Lincoln quote.Poor Honest Abe didn’t do anything to these people.Needless to say, Cat gets impeached and runner-up Emily replaces her, because I guess student government doesn’t work like real government. A creepy guy who says he’s a student but looks about 30 years old approached Cat and tells her he knows a computer genius who can help with her problem.When Cat realizes Emily got into Yale, a school she had the nerve to never even tell Cat she was applying to, she does a lot of eardrum-shattering whining to Mom, who tells her she should just live at home and go to community college. This leads Cat to Cool D’s house, where she’s almost assaulted while the 30-year-old films it. I messaged my friend afterward saying I totally called it.

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