Who is rita moreno dating

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Mara (Corday) decided to remain, drawing the same salary - 5 a week." is among the stars at Howard Hughes' smash Underwater premiere in Silver Springs, Florida.Louella Parsons tells: "Debbie Reynolds, with her best friend, Lori Nelson, gave Florida a quick, cute nod, using the free junket as a means to see Eddie Fisher..." the press reports from Hollywood: "Lori Nelson is eating six nourishing meals a day to regain the weight she lost in New York when stricken with the flu.Among the guests are the Gordon Mac Raes, Sheila and Guy Madison, Anne Jeffreys and Bob Sterling, Jeanne and Dean Martin, Loretta Young and Jo Wayne, and Ann Miller.attends Anna Maria Alberghetti's 21st birthday party at the Cocoanut Grove with Jack Haley, Jr.The Splits were most famous for The Tra La La Song.The show, which debuted in September 1968, enjoyed a 31-episode run until 1970 and was re-run throughout the 70s.Except for publicity purposes, Lori hasn't dated anyone else since she met young Peterson two months ago." is among the celebrity usherettes at the Thalians' showing of Around the World in 80 Days, held in the great ballroom of the Hilton Hotel.Other usherettes are Anna Maria Alberghetti, Jayne Mansfield, Natalie Wood, Debbie Reynolds, Dorothy Malone, Julie London, and Maggie and Barbara Whiting.

"The dresses designed by Debbie's mother are for girls between the ages of 11 and 15 who find it difficult getting chic little numbers for themselves." columnist Harrison Carroll notes several interesting twosomes at her birthday party: "Julia Adams and George Nader, Kathleen Crowley and Dick Clayton, Marla English and Bud Pennell.

"After a number of reconciliations and separations, the Manns were divorced.

Their two daughters are not yet in their teens." The New Mexican, Fort Pierce News-Tribune, Syracuse Herald-Journal, Oakland Tribune, Albuquerque Journal, Kingsport Times-News, Long Beach Independent, The Post-Standard, The Sunday Tribune, The Lowell Sun, Council Bluffs Iowa Nonpareil, The Monessen Daily Independent, Pottstown Mercury, The Era, The Daily Review, The Lethbridge Herald, Fitchburg Sentinel, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Charleston Daily Mail, Chronicle-Telegram, Mansfield News-Journal, Nevada State Journal, The Zanesville Signal, Port Arthur News, Long Beach Independent, Indiana Evening Gazette, The Fresno Bee, The Modesto Bee, Kingsport News, Winnipeg Free Press, Pasadena Independent, Van Nuys News, Pasadena Independent, The Vidette-Messenger, The Portsmouth Herald, The Daily Oklahoman, The Independent, Burlington Daily Times-News, The Lima News, Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, Star-News, Humboldt Standard, Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, The Daily Gleaner, Show Time, The Daily Courier, The Herald-Press, The Sunday Previewer, Van Nuys News, Picture Show Who's Who on the Screen, Photoplay, Movie Show, Screenland, Modern Screen, Photoplay, Silver Screen,

columnist Harrison Carroll knows: "Although they didn't announce their engagement at Lori Nelson's birthday party, Burt Reynolds of the ‘Riverboat’ TV series, gave Lori a gold charm for her bracelet inscribed with the date they first met." Carroll tells: "I checked actress Lori Nelson on the many rumors she and Burt Reynolds, of the ‘Riverboat’ TV series, are altar-bound. He has made musical arrangements for Julie London, Eddie Fisher and other singers. Tab Hunter, her co-star in the "Bachelor at Large" TV series, throws her a party. Tab thought it would be appropriate to host a party for the pair to show he harbors no hurt feelings." Ann Blyth is among the guests.

'It could be that we will get married,' admitted Lori, 'but, at the moment, we are not even officially engaged.'" Carroll reports: "After a second try to understand each other, Lori Nelson and actor Burt Reynolds again have called off their engagement. columnist Dorothy Manners tells that Lori's union with Mann hit the rocks after several years.

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