Who is traci ellis ross dating

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It’s like something becomes more possible,' she added.

For the cover shot, Tracee shines in a multicolored knit dress that is fashion forward sensational.

Bu, who is also Akon’s brother, has recently become the host of MTV’s “Hip Hop POV.”The couple has finally been pushed out into the spotlight after trying to keep their romantic relationship out of the eyes of the public.

The couple has been seen together in the past, cuddled up during a few club events, but the kiss in the middle of the Big Apple finally confirmed all the dating rumors.

’ ‘Oh, you poor thing,’ ‘Why is someone like you still single,’ ‘Have you ever thought of having kids?

’ ‘Why don’t you just have a kid on your own.’ It’s never ending and not helpful.” Growing up, Ross says she did always hope to get married; she also hoped to find success in the entertainment industry, which she has.

Rumors have suggested that Thiam actually has quite a few wives, which is not uncommon in his culture.

Tracee Ellis Ross was finally spotted in public with her new boo, Bu Thiam.

The couple was seen leaving the Trump Soho Hotel in New York on Thursday before sharing a kiss goodbye.

“I don’t make a decision [that] ‘I will never talk about my relationships’ or anything like that,” Ross said.

“That’s certainly not a decision that I’ve made or anything like that, but there are certain things that are sacred to me that are not for public consumption.

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