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Some of the topics include: Students can work with a group of sources on a certain theme or linked themes.

We hope that the documents will offer them a chance to develop their powers of evaluation and analysis.

AQA GCSE History (8145) : British thematic studies This document collection provides documentary content to support these units: 2A Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day 2B Britain: Power and the people: c1170 to the present day 2C Britain: Migration, empires and the people: c790 to the present day OCR GCSE, History A, Explaining the Modern World (J410).

This document collection provides documentary content to support unit: War and British Society c.790-2010: The Jacobite Wars 17: Their impact on Scotland and the repression of the Jacobites. Unit 3: Stability and War: British Monarchy and State, 1714–1770 (B) HIS3F.

The manufactories of Birmingham and Manchester were places considered so remarkable that they deserved to be visited by rich tourists.

The British saw themselves as a polite and commercial people.

The 18th century represents one of the most transformative ages in British history. One fundamental factor is immediately clear if we look at British politics and foreign policy.

Each source is captioned and dated to provide a sense of what the document is about.They noticed the flourishing ports, the exciting new turnpike road network, and impressive canal system. An 18th century German pastor who walked round England, said, with evident feeling, that the country was ‘a land of carriages and horses.’ Commerce and affluence were intertwined.In 1763 Casanova (an interesting social commentator, not just a famous lover) noted ‘the general cleanliness, the beauty of the country and the excellent cultivation, the nourishing quality of the food, the beauty of the roads, and of the post chaises, and the reasonableness of the prices they charged, …Alternatively, teachers may wish to use the collection to develop their own resources or encourage students to ‘curate’ their own ‘exhibition’ of the most significant sources on the topic or they could use the material to provide a sense of period if they are studying the Jacobite Risings of 17.All of our sources have been provided with a transcript, and more difficult language has been explained in square brackets to support students.

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