Windows xp not updating dst

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Given that the OS operates in UTC, the distinction is crucial.If you just change the time without changing the offset-from-UTC, then you have set the time incorrectly.I opened the time widget, time zone tab, un-selected the "Automatically adjust clock..." clicked apply, then checked the box and clicked apply. Compared to everything else, this is a persnickety annoyance.Microsoft released the Windows Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone on August 28th,2009, and the refresh is currently up for grabs via Windows Update or as standalone download.The following changes were made since the previous Windows cumulative time zone update.

Windows users will need to implement the refresh in order to have their copy of the operating system play nice with changes specific to time zones worldwide, including modifications ratified since the previous update was offered.

Before then, we regard it as 0200 EST and we're 5 hours behind UTC.

After that, we regard it as 0300 EDT and we're 4 hours behind UTC. What happens at the daylight savings switchover is not that 'the time changes' but 'our offset from the unchanged UTC has changed'.

I tried following Microsoft instructions to edit the registry. Link ID=100334 After installing, reboot and see if you can access Windows Updates.

It said to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update\AU. I think you need to install the Windows Update Agent.

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