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For single-player games, account-based DRM often does not affect the game to any real degree, as you can play them with an offline profile without activation.

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Badowski said the patch should address all major issues with the game, although that's probably a little optimistic, but promised that CD Projekt will continue to review player feedback to resolve configuration-specific problem as they pop up.We felt DRM was necessary to prevent the game being pirated and leaked before release.This purpose has been served, so we are pleased to let our users enjoy the full freedom of game usage they deserve." He said that pre-release testing showed only a small difference in performance between the DRM-free version released by GOG and other editions of the game, but that players began reporting much more serious performance gaps after the game launched.When I install the USB adapter windows installs it but then generates a unable to start error in device... I have searched countless forums in hopes of stumbling across this issue and much to my dismay have found nothing.Whenever I try to play the Witcher 2 Enhanced edition with full screen enabled I am able to get past the cinematic intro, into the main menu but, when I try to...

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