Xbox 360 video list not updating

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The color of the power adapter should be green when the Xbox is on, and orange when off, so it sounds like it is working fine.

If you send the power adapter, you possibly would not receive it back.

I recently had the same issue, turned out I must have jarred my HDMI cable when trying to plug in my USB Guitar in the back of the unit. Then unplugged the HDMI from both the XBOX and TV, then reconnected them.

Then plugged everything back in and it came back up okay.

It doesn't matter what the name/label of the CD or thumb drive is though.

Once you have burned your CD or copied the files to your thumb drive, make sure your Xbox 360 is turned off, then put the CD in the Xbox 360's disc tray, or put the thumb drive into a USB port on the console, then turn the 360 on.

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NOTE: Microsoft stopped updating their backwards compatibility for original Xbox games years ago.The console is an 120GB Elite model from around the time Forza 3 came out. I already sent it to Microsoft and it came back with a "dear customer, we looked but we couldn't find anything and therefore didn't fix anything" letter.Indeed, when it came back it was working perfectly fine for the next four or five times, then the exact same symptoms were back.(They did apparently reset the firmware, I had to update that).It seems clear that I need to send it back again, but it looks like I'll have to include a heck of a cover letter to avoid further embarrassment.

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